Ghost Village Road 2018

By Montecito Journal   |   November 8, 2018

Ghost Village Road, Montecito’s popular trick-or-treating event, went off without a hitch, with an estimated 2,000 kids, parents, and pets making their way to area businesses on Coast Village Road. Business owners passed out candy and other treats, while some had musical entertainment and photo ops. A flash mob performed “Thriller” at multiple places along the road, adding to the excitement. 

Here’s the Scoop hosted their costume contest, as they’ve done for the last 12 years. “We have always based this contest on originality and creativity, not the most expensive costumes or the best costume made by their parents,” said owner Ellie Patterson. “There were many amazing costumes this year and the choice, as always, is difficult. This year, we had 18 entries in the costume contest, and we handed out over 1,100 Worms ‘n’ Dirt Trick or Treats.” 

Check out the contest winners below. 

The Perfect Fit put out a stunning Dia de los Muertos display, designed by owner Patricia Moo and her friend Isabel Loen. The altar included photos of those who have recently passed away, as well as candles honoring the 23 people who perished in the mudslides earlier this year. With candles, flowers, and food offerings, the traditional Ofrenda is steeped in Hispanic culture and was enjoyed by Ghost Village Road trick-or-treaters and passersby. 

First Prize: Serena dePonce and Corinne Hulfort, age 11, from Montecito Union School. The girls are good friends and wanted complementary costumes. They came up with a clever toothbrush and toothpaste tube. All the judges thought it was one of the most original costume duos that they have seen.
Second Prize (tie): Ian Sheshunoff, age 11, from Crane Country Day School. Ian and his friends decided to be different types of candy. Ian was a Swedish Fish. He made his costume on his own using cupcake wrappers to represent the fish scales.
Second Prize (tie): Alice Sweeney, age 8, from Montecito Union School, was a box of “Unlucky” Charms. Alice came up with the cute cereal name and then enhanced it by adding clever ingredients like broccoli.
Third Prize: Linnea Moe, age 15, from Santa Barbara Middle School. Linnea’s costume was simple, and the judges loved that she did it all on her own.
Honorable Mention: Hudson Maclead, age 11, from Our Lady of Mount Carmel School. Hudson is a young man in his flying balloon. The costume was originally for his sister, and when she changed her mind Hudson thought it was a great idea. He came up with the sandbag idea and filled them with pasta to save weight.
Honorable Mention: Best family costume goes to the Richmonds. Daughter Mia thought the family, which includes brother Nicholas and parents Susan and Mark, should dress up as the Gilligan’s Island cast.
Honorable Mention: “Cutest twins” goes to Elise and Everly, age 2. They were dressed as Frappuccinos from Starbucks.
Honorable Mention: Jane and Avala, age 13, from Providence Hall. The girls dressed as Lucy and Ethel; the judges loved the hair and chefs hats.
The Perfect Fit’s Dia de los Muertos display attracted many visitors

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