Garden Party Art Show

By Richard Mineards   |   November 8, 2018
John and Melody DuPrau, board president of the Santa Barbara Club Linda Rosso, and trustee Nancy Knight at the garden art party

The Santa Barbara Club was the scene for a romantic afternoon in their garden, sipping champagne, listening to violin music, and viewing art. The Art Foundation of Santa Barbara (AFSB) held an art exhibit and sale arranged by the president of the board Keith Mautino Moore. Part of the proceeds went to the AFSB, whose purpose is to educate the public in the works of artists.

Featured artists were Laurie MacMillan, Thomas Van Stein, Ralph Waterhouse, Willis Heaton, Ray Hunter, Ann Sanders, Rick Garcia, and Patricia and Tom Post. The board of trustees includes Keith, Jon DuPrau, Frank E. McGinity, Robert G. Dibley, Katherina Murray-Morse, Nancy Schlosser, John Brinker, John Doordan, and Nancy Knight with and advisory committee of Sheri Mobley, Fran Morrow, and Diane Waterhouse.

If you’d like to know more call (805) 965-6547.

Thad MacMillan with artist wife Laurie and trustees Katherine Murray-Morse and Frank McGinity at the Santa Barbara Club garden art affair

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