Markdowns up at Indigo Interiors

By Jon Vreeland   |   August 23, 2018

The 1925 earthquake of downtown Santa Barbara cost the city $8 million in damages, an equivalence of less than $114 million in 2018 (Dollar Times). But last January, the Montecito Mudslide nearly doubled the cost of the 20th-century catastrophe with $207 million needed to resurrect the heart of the American Riviera properly.

The Santa Barbara residents and business owners continue to support their neighbors and anyone who suffered the arbitrary shock of near or total loss at the inception of 2018. But geographically, the assistance doesn’t stop there. 

With the help of the wholesale furniture manufacturer Lee Industries of North Carolina, Indigo Interiors, a middle- to high-end furniture store at 1321 State Street in Santa Barbara – and just to the right of the Arlington Theatre – will offer “deep discounts on certain furniture items” to those who lost their home and/or furnishing, until June of 2019. 

Santa Barbara business owner and designer Genny Cummings, who opened Indigo Interiors with her husband, Tom Cummings in 1984 says, “Unfortunately, this is one way of the community coming together, and this is the one thing I can do to help.” 

Not everything at Indigo Interiors sells at discount, Lee’s contract of 40 percent off the listed price. But reduced or not, Indigo Interiors carries modern, antique, and custom furniture: sectional sofas, armchairs, chaises, swivel chairs, accent armchairs, dining chairs, recliners, beds, sofa sleepers, benches, ottomans – many of which Genny and Lee Industries will sell for the sale offer.

Indigo Interiors also carries an array of home accessories: accent lamps, handmade jewelry, Indigo pillows, antique fixtures, etched and filigree glass, throws and blankets, tabletop dishes, glassware, vases, to name a fraction of the inventory. They also do a lot of work with window shades, have woodworkers, iron-workers, upholsterers, seamstresses, carry bedding and sell upholstery by the yard. 

Also, Tom Cummings is a Santa Barbara artist, who, along with other local artists such as Karen Aggeler and Laurie MacMillan, whose art sells at Indigo’s Summer show, sell their art in the Indigo showroom, adding more flavor to your customized haven of individuality.

However, the furniture, the home accessories, the skilled craftsman, and the miles of variegated upholstery are also prime ingredients to the interior design projects which Genny herself conducts. The highly experienced creator can cultivate or redesign the inside of a person’s home or place of business from ceiling to floor, using all the necessary appurtenances.

In Malibu, Genny altered a home directly on the beach: living room, kitchen, upstairs family room, and master bath using off-white colors on the walls, ceilings, furniture, down to the blonde finish on the hardwood floors. In the living room and upstairs family room, Genny used dark grey as a solid contrast to the pallid rooms: the fireplace mantle in the family room and the bookshelves in the upstairs family room, for instance, are both painted the same neutral grey.

And, in the wake of the worst disaster in Santa Barbara history, the likes of Genny and Tom Cummings and Lee Industries, who established the business 1969 in Newton, North Carolina, and who over the years expanded their company to three more manufacturing plants, and loyal members of the community, zealously exist. And just like the residents did in 1925, people step up to help rebuild and lend what hand they can give to those who can use the love of their neighborhood and friends more than ever.

Indigo Interiors is open Monday thru Friday from 10 am to 5 pm, and Saturday 11 am to 5 pm. Sundays are only by appointment. Their phone number is (805) 962-6909 and website is


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