$50K is on the Money

By Richard Mineards   |   June 28, 2018
Sponsors and friends of Old Spanish Days are Montecito Bank and Trust, Hearts, Botantic Gardens, and Cox Cable representatives Alan Acosta, MBT; Pamme Mickleson, (Hearts); Steve Windhager, Botantic Gardens; Maria McCall, MBT; George Leis, MBT president & COO; Kirsten McLaughlin, Cox VP Marketing; Andy Rodriquez, MBT; and Carlos Cordero (photo by Priscilla)

Fiesta Ranchera celebrated its 11th anniversary with a sold-out bash for 900 guests at the 146-year-old Rancho La Patera and Stow House in Goleta, raising around $50,000 split equally between Old Spanish Days and the 51-year-old Goleta Valley Historical Society.

The colorful gala, co-chaired by Alex Castellanos, director of the 94-year-old Old Spanish Days, and Dacia Harwood featured 32 eateries, wineries, and beer brewers, and showcased the Spirit and Junior Spirit of Fiesta, Jesalyn McCollum, 17, and Georgey Taupin, 10-year-old daughter of famed Elton John lyricist Bernie Taupin, who danced flamenco with a Spanish band from Los Angeles.

“To think we started just over a decade ago with just 200 people attending,” says Alex. “We just keep growing and growing.”

A glorious evening.

Newly engaged Joel Ungar and Mary Smith looking at Anna’s Marketplace Bakery for that cake with Kelly Jensen, 2007 OSD PP, Jeff Dell, and Llisa Boelter of AMB (photo by Priscilla)
Los Arroyos, loyal supporter of OSD; serving are Irvin Miguel, Areli Miguel, Roy Antunez to Ruth and Peter Georgi, 1990 OSD PP (photo by Priscilla)
St. Barbara’s attendant Irene Robles; La Presidenta Denise Sanford; portraying St. Barbara is Anne Petersen of Native Daughter of the Golden West, parlor 126; and Amanda De Lucia, hostess and executive director GVHS Rancho Patera and Stow House (photo by Priscilla)
Old Spanish Days 2018 Junior Spirit Georgey Taupin and her mother, Heather Taupin, ready for her Fiesta Ranchera performance for the audience (photo by Priscilla)
Jessica Mc Collum, Old Spanish Days Spirit of Fiesta; preparing for her spirited dance performance at the Stow House Historical Museum (photo by Priscilla)

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