High Horse

By Richard Mineards   |   May 17, 2018
Charles Ward and Leigh Brecheen (photo by Shannon Jayne Photography)

Santa Barbara Polo Club opened its 107th season with a bang when former patron Andy Busch and his wife, Kim, threw a bash for his new Folded Hills 15-acre vineyard in Santa Ynez.

Andy, whose Grants Farm team used to be a regular feature at the Carpinteria club, bought the 600-acre ranch some years back and has already won a number of awards from the prestigious Wine and Spirits magazine.

More than 200 guests turned out for the boffo fete, which also featured a highly competitive game between Farmers & Merchants Bank, with former club president Dan Walker, and Antelope, with patron Los Angeles developer Geoff Palmer, for the Folded Hills Pope Challenge Trophy, which Geoff narrowly won, 10-9.

Among the tony throng of divot-ees were Andrew Bossom, Leigh Brecheen, Victoria Firestone, Robert Fell, Justin and Amanda Klentner, Charles Ward, Jennifer Zacharias, Charlie Walker, Colin and Sharon Wallace, Teresa McWilliams, and Nancy Kogevinas.


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