Rocha Swim: Swimwear for the Petite

By Jon Vreeland   |   April 19, 2018
Model Alexa wears the Daniela One-Piece with one shoulder tie and a solid dark navy blue on the reverse side for another petite swimsuit

How does an aqueous woman curb her frustration of Spring Break’s arrival, a mere confirmation that summer will soon follow, when every swimsuit she finds and adores does not satisfy her petite yet curvy physique? 

Well, if you’re Danielle Rocha, 23, you don’t hide from the California sun and ocean, or avoid pool days and jacuzzi nights – not a chance. You simply design, cut, and even sew your own line of self-appeasing swimwear, and then proudly call the company Rocha Swim. 

Rocha Swim designs swimwear strictly for women with dainty physiques, ladies who spend their days at the beach readjusting their loose-fitting tops and bottoms – yet the smallest size available – pondering why large corporate swimwear companies carry just three conventional sizes: small, medium, and large. This 1980s Brazilian-inspired bikini line made from high-quality lycra – every suit reversible, giving the buyer two suits for the price of one – sells from Rocha Swim’s online store, primarily in the United States, but has reached as far as Jamaica, Europe, and even down under in Australia.

Rocha Swim’s Jaqueline and Sandra lines, just like the Marta and the Stefani, are two-piece suits with dark navy blue and white stripes on one side, with the option of the solid navy blue on the reverse side. The Jaqueline top is the only top that is entirely strapless, with vintage brief-style bottoms, the waist cut high amid the navel. However, all four tops and bottoms are sold separately, giving the petite buyer stylistic opportunities to mix and match the variety of swimwear. 

Lastly, Rocha Swim’s one-piece swimsuit – the Daniela –not the conventional two-strap one-piece seen in classic episodes of Baywatch – has one shoulder tie, not a non-adjustable strap. And of course, the signature stripes on one side and dark navy blue on the other gives you two suits for the price of one. 

The Dos Pueblos graduate launched Rocha Swim in May 2014, after spending six months at Santa Barbara’s DeMarcos Fashion Academy in 2013. The fashion trade school taught Danielle the art of pattern design, fashion illustration, sewing; vital skills learned to create a business in the world of fashion, such as fashion advertising and runway training. In turn, Rocha Swim participates in one-day pop-up events held at clothing stores and boutiques, which Danielle calls “mutually beneficial” to both her and the store. For one day at a time, Danielle displays the company’s catalog in person, drawing her regular supporters to the participating store and vice-versa. 

Furthermore, the 23-year-old Santa Barbara native knows that “giving back” is imperative to even the smallest of businesses. In fact, ever since their 2014 debut, Rocha Swim participates every year with the Dream Foundation in the annual “Summer Dream” event. This includes a Rocha Swim fashion show; often a 300-person occasion, with 100 percent of ticket sales given to the Dream Foundation to help fulfill the dreams of the terminally ill – as they did for Danielle’s aunt and another friend’s family. 

In addition to the procession of Rocha Swim models at last year’s Summer Dream event, Danielle ultimately sold out of all 50 of her Rocha Swim items during her pop-up that immediately followed, from which she gladly shared 20 percent of the profits with the Dream Foundation. These items included not only swimsuits but black Rocha Swim long-sleeve T-shirts and black bike shorts, grey “ruffle knit bandeau” tops, as well as the “dad hat” which comes in black or khaki – every item (aside from the bandeau top) branded with the letter R.

This Friday, April 20, at Ambiance Boutique located at 1266 Coast Village Road, Danielle will hold her habitual pop-up event and sell Rocha Swim’s newest 2018 collection for one day. And don’t forget the annual Summer Dream fashion show on September 16, where models will flaunt Danielle’s latest line of swimwear, followed by the often successful after-sale. 

Danielle is the sole owner and only employee at Rocha Swim and is currently looking for corporate sponsors. You can visit her online store at, where you could find the swimsuit that finally fits like it was made just for the petite you.


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