Hospice Gala

By Lynda Millner   |   April 19, 2018
Board member Paige Beard, executive director Barbara Ben-Horin, and sponsor David Jackson from the Zegar Foundation

Hospice of Santa Barbara, Inc. celebrated the opening of a new exhibit in their Leigh Block Gallery and had a reception to celebrate. They were displaying the work of the late David Glenn (Judd) Crouch, whose career spanned 60+ years as an active exhibiting artist. He was also a master scientific illustrator for the University of California. David’s paintings and drawings are in private collections in Australia, Germany, Austria, Canada, across the United States and in professional publications such as the Yale University Press.

Hospice emcee Steve Braff and poet Maggie Crouch

There was food and wine as we checked out the displays and harp music by Ellen Beckerman. Hospice CEO David Selberg welcomed the cozy crowd by reminding us, “This is the second-oldest hospice in the United States.”  He loves saying that, and they survive solely on donations. All their programs are free, so 25 percent of the gallery’s sales will go to Hospice.

The invocation was by Dawa Tarchin Phillips, who remembered how special and unique David Crouch made everyone feel. Testimonials and shared memories of David were told by the many there that knew him. Then it was poetry time. David’s widow, Margaret, read her own poetry that each had titles to match a painting done by her husband. There was also poetry by published poet Steve Braff again corresponding to the art.

Pianist Donna MasselloChiacos had her classical piano recording playing, rounding out the artsy evening.

Hospice is a volunteer organization but with licensed professionals to carry out the therapies. There is individual help as well as group, and also services for children and their families. “I Have A Friend” is program that gives to the child who has suffered loss an adult mentor. It is all free and bilingual. For more information, call (805) 563-8820 or visit www.hospiceofsantabarbara.org. They are located on the Riviera near the theater.


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