Sheriff’s Blotter

By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   March 29, 2018
A fraudulent flyer with SB County logos and infographics was distributed last week as an attempt to gain unauthorized access to private homes

Santa Barbara County officials are alerting the public to a fraudulent flyer that is being distributed in the Santa Barbara area with a suspect attempting to gain unauthorized access to homes. 

According to a fraudulent flyer dated March 22, a “team of land technicians are conducting ground stability testing” in Santa Barbara. County logos and infographics were used to give the flyer the appearance of an official release. This flyer is fraudulent, and a suspect distributing the flyer is attempting to gain unauthorized access to private property. 

At approximately 1:08 pm on Thursday, March 22, a suspect approached a residence in the Portesuello area of Santa Barbara and knocked on the door. The suspect wore an I.D. on a lanyard, claimed to be a representative of the Office of Emergency Management, and attempted to gain access to the property. No representatives from the Office of Emergency Management are in the field and would attempt to gain access to a private home. 

The suspect is described as a white male adult, 5′-6″ tall, approximately 25 years of age, wearing a gray hoodie and a yellow reflective vest. Officers from the Santa Barbara Police Department searched the area for the suspect and were not able to locate him. 

Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office advises the public not to allow any individuals claiming to represent the County or City of Santa Barbara for “stability testing” to access their property. If anyone attempts to gain unauthorized access to a residence, the public should call 911 immediately. 


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