Traffic Mitigation on Coast Village Road

By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   February 15, 2018

Last week, City officials announced their plans to roll out several new traffic measures to help mitigate the increased volume of traffic along Coast Village Road following the mudslides. With the closure of Highway 192 through several portions of Montecito, and the extended closure of Olive Mill Road through the long-term exclusion zone, Coast Village Road has taken the brunt of Montecito’s traffic, exacerbating an already heavily congested thoroughfare. Before the Thomas Fire and mudslide, the road was increasingly serving “as the third lane of the 101” during peak hours, according to reps from the Coast Village Association (CVA), whose Traffic & Safety Committee, along with board president Bob Ludwick, has been lobbying the City to take action. 

The City will implement temporary all-way stop control at Coast Village Road and Butterfly Lane, to reduce delay for side-street traffic and pedestrian crossing. Another temporary all-way stop control will be located at the eastern end of Coast Village Circle and Coast Village Road, to assist drivers turning from Coast Village Circle onto Coast Village Road, and help protect pedestrians in that area. New pedestrian warning signs will be installed in the 1100 mid-block crosswalk, which spans from Silverhorn to the building home to K.Frank. 

The City will also install barriers within the parking lane along the road, to deter drivers from using the parking lane for through traffic, in an effort to circumvent the backup along the main road. 

Later this week, the CVA’s Traffic & Safety Committee will meet with City reps to discuss further traffic mitigation plans; it has been suggested that the City work with Caltrans to temporarily reopen a southbound freeway entrance at Cabrillo/Hot Springs, given the current emergency conditions. 


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