The Story of Doug Wood

By Beverlye Fead   |   November 9, 2017
Wood Logan Financial Services co-founder Doug Wood, 85, loves music, cars, poetry, theater, and Linda, his wife of nearly 50 years

If you are worried about aging and don’t know Doug Wood, you should. This man has the greatest smile and attitude, and it shows in everything he does. Growing older is not stealing the meaning or the fun out of his life.

But, wait, I am getting ahead of myself.

Doug was born in Los Angeles. He grew up in Lynwood and Compton. That was before Compton became Straight Out of Compton. It was just a nice sweet place to live and grow up. Following Compton Junior College, he spent two years in the U. S. Army in Okinawa.

Upon his return home, he went to Long Beach State College. After graduation, he taught speech, English, and drama at Laguna Beach High School. He then moved to Europe, where he once again taught the same subjects to high school students on an American Air Force base in Germany. While there, he started a youth group and TV show called Youth Speaks

When he returned to the United States, he continued to pursue his interest in theater, starring in Anthony Newley’s Stop the World I Want to Get Off. He loved the feeling of total joy it gave him to be on stage. During this period, he also became interested in investing. He became a stockbroker and used his skills in speech and drama to sell investment products. Doug is a big proponent of everyone taking a speech class. He says, “It helps no matter what business you may have chosen.”

After moving to the East Coast, he became the national sales manager for MFS of Boston, where he could use his speaking skills once more. His career led him to New York City, where he became chairman of Integrated Capital. In 1986, Doug and his partner, Scott Logan, started their own investment business in financial services called Wood Logan.

But, we can’t talk about Doug without discussing his love for cars. His first car was a ’32 Ford “Hot Rod.” Oh, how he loved that car. Later, his serious investing in cars began… from Alfa Romeos to Aston Martins. He drove his 1956 Zagato-designed double bubble Alfa Romeo for three years in the Mille Miglia. This is a difficult three-day race on open roads going up and down mountains, around dangerous curves… and he loved every minute. The last time he raced (in 2007}, he came in second (for the Americans). There were 375 drivers from all over the world.

About 21 years ago, Doug and his wife, Linda, moved to Montecito. He continued as chairman of Wood Logan until 2012, when he decided to retire, but not before giving it careful thought. 

Considering his continuing interest in the theater, he became a board member and eventually president of his beloved Lobero Theater. He was in heaven. He was helping the community and staying involved with his love of theater. He wanted to do more. He became involved with Habitat for Humanity of Southern Santa Barbara County. This marvelous volunteer organization is building homes for lower income families. Doug is involved in every aspect of this housing project and loves it dearly. His eyes light up when he talks about the opportunities Habitat for Humanity provides. 

Together, he and Linda have six children, five grandchildren, with one more on the way, and two great-grandchildren. They couldn’t be happier than being with their children, by either being on vacation together or at home in Montecito. When they first moved to Santa Barbara, they rebuilt a house and they are excitedly doing the same thing now. They have a huge love of travel, especially to Italy (well, who can blame them)? They have shared a house for many years with close friends near Casole D’ Elsa in Tuscany, which they try to visit as often as they can. In March, Linda and Doug will be celebrating 50 years together. I eagerly await hearing how they are going to celebrate.

I asked Doug what advice he has about aging or any thoughts he would like to share with us. “You can’t dwell on the negative,” he responds, “no matter what it is. Ninety percent of my prayers are ‘Thank You’.”

We all have health and life setbacks (re-read my bio at the beginning of this article), but it is what we do with them that counts, and Mr. Wood seems to do just fine.

If you ever want to have the time of your life, just begin singing a line from an old song and you and Doug can belt it out together, or he’ll take it from there. He has a full baritone voice, perfectly on pitch. Doug loves poetry as well as music and left me with these last few lines from this beautiful poem:

“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”

by T.S. Eliot

I grow old… I grow old
I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.
Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach?
I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach.
I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.
I do not think that they will sing to me.

By the way, this grateful, singing humanitarian will be 86 on his next birthday.

Thanks, Doug, I’m following your lead.


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