Happy 80th

By Richard Mineards   |   May 3, 2013
The birthday bunch (photo by Mark McDonald)
Peter and Gloria Clark (photo by Mark McDonald)

Gloria Clark, wife of Ozzie singer Peter Clark, threw a surprise birthday lunch bash at the University Club to mark the 20th anniversary of his 60th.

Pianist Peter, who has a traveled the world performing and used to host an Australian TV music show in his 20s, also appeared in two videos, edited by C. Austin Cantu, showing his early work in the antipodes.

The 18 guests, including Journal writer Erin Graffy, Brenda Blalock, Nigel Gallimore, John Thynne, Bonnie and John Hendricks, and Alan Porter, all wore gold crowns for the occasion and I was invited, given my past Royal Family coverage, to crown the birthday boy himself.

Afterward a birthday cake, decorated appropriately with musical notes and adorned with sparklers, served as dessert.


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