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Dear Montecito: Maiya Roddick
By Stella Haffner   |   May 20, 2021

Since starting this column, I’ve hoped to either feature a fellow student from my own university or another student of psychology. Today, we’ve got two for the price of one. I am happy to introduce Maiya Roddick: an alumna of the University of St. Andrews, a student of psychology, and a wonderfully thoughtful and accomplished […]

Dear Montecito: Tobias Cole
By Stella Haffner   |   December 17, 2020

This week you are being treated to yet another saga from bonnie Scotland –only this time, the story is not from me. Meet Tobias Cole, Montecito native and second year student at the University of St Andrews.  I met Tobias for the first time in a coffee shop on North Street, St Andrews. And I […]

Ghost Stories of St Andrews’ Halls of Residence
By Stella Haffner   |   November 5, 2020

Dear Montecito, It is around this time every year that a very particular group of people begins to make themselves known to the world. A strange class of individuals who, in response to the first chills of mid-autumn, adopt an insultingly festive attitude, sprout twinkle lights from their ears, and pull out all their best […]

Santa Barbara Expat Trades Mesas and Montecito for Meed and Moors. Oh, and Neuroscience.
By Stella Haffner   |   June 25, 2020

We grew up in and around Montecito. We were given so many opportunities to learn and explore and grow. This community invests so much in us, and we want to keep in touch to let you know how and what we’re doing. Mine is the first letter in a series of letters from Montecito Kids […]