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Do Our Five Monarchs (not including Meghan & Harry) Earn Too Little?
By Jeff Giordano   |   July 2, 2024

I often rage about the fact that our County spending continues to increase (this year by 7.3%), while our population slowly decreases. So, yes, it’s difficult for a devout fiscal hawk to write about salaries that might be depressed, yet in a county that employs 4,763 people there may actually be five individuals – just […]

California Dreaming Again
By Jeff Harding   |   June 18, 2024

Since I criticize the great state of California for their policies that don’t work, I thought I would catch up on some recent news that caught my attention.  Minimum Wage California fast food restaurant chains now have to pay their employees $20 per hour. My criticism of these new minimum wage laws said that they […]