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Saint Kirst
By Richard Mineards   |   May 3, 2022

My congratulations to my friend and Journal colleague Lynn Kirst who has achieved sainthood! Our illustrious organ’s bridle correspondent has been selected to portray Saint Barbara in this year’s Old Spanish Days fiesta by the 121-year-old Reina Del Mar No.126 of Native Daughters of the Golden West. In a tradition that dates back to 1926, […]

How to be a Saint
By Ashleigh Brilliant   |   June 17, 2021

Being brought up Jewish, I never learned much about being a Saint. At least one Hebrew prophet (Isaiah) made a mockery of the whole idea of any human claiming to be “holier than thou.” Of course, besides people, virtually every religion — even Judaism — has its holy places and holy objects, to say nothing […]