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Can Legal Action Save Us From the Climate Crisis?
By Robert Bernstein   |   September 19, 2023

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” This line from William Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 2 is a widely spread meme on t-shirts and more. Those spreading the meme see lawyers as the enemy. But the original meaning was probably the opposite. The line is stated by “Dick the Butcher” who is […]

New Lawsuit Alleging Missing Documents is Latest Salvo in Ongoing Cold Spring School Standoff
By Nick Schou   |   May 6, 2021

Previous articles in the Montecito Journal have described what by now has become a no-holds-barred legal conflict between the Cold Spring School and Amanda Rowan, a parent of a child who was suspended from the classroom last year, and who was subsequently named in a restraining order filed on behalf of three employees of the […]

Santa Barbara Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Sues Santa Barbara County
By Nick Schou   |   April 30, 2020

You might recognize the Santa Barbara Coalition for Responsible Cannabis from various letters to the editor and reader-submitted editorials that have run in the Montecito Journal, Carpinteria’s Coastal View News, and other local newspapers in Santa Barbara county. Although the group claims not to oppose cannabis per se, its members have consistently decried what they […]