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Montecito Planning Commission Hears San Ysidro Roundabout
By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   April 30, 2020

Last week, the Montecito Planning Commission heard from County Planning & Development and Public Works staff regarding the proposed roundabout at San Ysidro Road and North Jameson Lane. It was the first time the project was in front of the MPC, after receiving positive comments at two prior Montecito Board of Architectural Review (MBAR) meetings. […]

Letters to the Editor
By Montecito Journal   |   February 27, 2020

Not Sorry Thank you for your questions and observations regarding the power of apology in the February 20-27 editorial. Among other things, the editorial points to a number of principles of concern, the value of the press and ethics and honesty in politics. After the next election these issues will persist. We count on the […]

Montecito Association Sees San Ysidro Roundabout
By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   November 14, 2019

Santa Barbara County’s Deputy Director of Transportation Chris Sneddon was in front of the Montecito Association on Tuesday, giving a presentation on the roundabout slated for San Ysidro Road.  The current intersection includes traffic from North Jameson, San Ysidro, and the northbound entrance and exit of Highway 101. The new roundabout ties each flow of […]

Letters to the Editor
By Montecito Journal   |   September 5, 2019

Going Around That intersection at Coast Village-Olive Mill-North Jameson looks so good, but the intersection just requires manners to navigate. And the collision stats are not at all negative. If the southbound entrance to the 101 near Cabrillo Blvd. was never blocked in the first place (and will be for many more years), the traffic […]

Roundabout Design Review
By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   August 8, 2019

Next Monday, August 12, the Santa Barbara Architectural Board of Review (ABR) and Montecito Board of Architectural Review (MBAR) will hold a joint hearing to review the design of the Coast Village Road/Olive Mill Roundabout; members of the community are encouraged to attend to see the proposed plans and share their thoughts or concerns.  The […]