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Dining Commons Gets a Remodel
By Scott Craig   |   December 26, 2023

Crews have begun a $2 million renovation project to Westmont’s Dining Commons with the majority of the work being funded by Bon Appetit, the college’s food service provider since August 2022.  While there is no additional interior square footage, workers are enlarging the outdoor dining patio by incorporating a small section of unused concrete between […]

The Baron of Breakfast Burritos Rules the DC
By Caylie Cox   |   July 29, 2021

Love for Pascual Mamahua’s Dining Commons breakfast burritos may be a unifying factor among Westmont students. These culinary creations are in high demand, as students crave the delicious combination of eggs, cheese, tater tots, and a choice of bacon, ham, chorizo or vegetables expertly wrapped in a warm tortilla. But students appreciate more than just […]