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Drought & Flood
By James Buckley   |   February 18, 2021

I’ve lived in Montecito – in the same house – for over 35 years and find it necessary to point out to folks just moving here that while we live in a beautiful place, ensconced as we are between the 4,000-ft Figueroa Mountains and the deep blue Pacific Ocean, it isn’t perfect. Add a near-ideal […]

Classified Information
By Richard Mineards   |   October 25, 2018

Nearly a decade ago, writer David Wilk placed a classified ad in the Montecito Journal offering to use his talents to write biographies of local residents. Now, 10 books later, he is celebrating his 10th anniversary of a successful new career. “Advertising with the Journal has certainly been productive for me,” says David. “Back then, […]