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Bones Determined to Not Belong to Jack Cantin
By Montecito Journal   |   August 23, 2022

The remains of Jack Cantin, the teenager who went missing during the 2018 debris flow, had reportedly been found in the summer of last year by former University of California, Santa Barbara anthropology professor Danielle Kurin and her undergraduate students. While many news and media outlets (including the MJ…) announced Kurin’s claims, the Sheriff’s Department […]

‘Jack Brought Us All Together’: After 42 Months, Community Finds Its Lost Son
By Nick Masuda   |   August 5, 2021

For roughly 1,225 days, Kim Cantin didn’t have answers. A mother searching for her first born. Her 17-year-old Eagle Scout was missing amid the catastrophic Montecito Debris Flow of January 9, 2018. Other deceased were found. But not Jack, not her kind-hearted, gentle soul of a young man. But in late May of this year, […]