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Snow Job: 3Qs with FLIP Fabrique’s Strap-man
By Steven Libowitz   |   February 6, 2020

Canadian cirque troupe FLIP Fabrique’s brand new show, Blizzard, takes the stage by, ahem, storm, as the small but exciting troupe of circus performers invites the audience to lose yourself in wonder in the middle of a winter storm amid artists who juggle, tumble, flip and spring around the snowflakes surrounded by the poetic beauty […]

Across Canada by Train:The Brochure vs. the Reality
By Jerry Dunn   |   December 6, 2018

It was ten at night, and two weary travelers stood at Track 17 at Toronto’s Union Station, waiting to board The Canadian. The brochure for this flagship of Canada’s VIA Rail system had promised “comfortable accommodations” in “superior sleeper cabins,” and we were filled with the anticipation of looking out our window as the train […]

The Fishy Waters of British Columbia
By John Burk   |   November 1, 2018

Call me crazy, but I like the feel of a pole bent over the side of a boat as I struggle to take-in line from a wild Pacific Ocean Salmon that keeps pulling away from me, wanting very much to enter some stream, span, and suffer a slow death – as opposed to me detouring […]