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It Starts with the Dishes
By Gwyn Lurie   |   April 2, 2024

Jimmy Stewart played a version of this character in the well-known classic, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. The difference is, our newly elected soon to be 1st District County Supervisor is for real. Or is he? Time will certainly tell. But for now, Roy Lee is on his way to the county to do what […]

Election Eve Opinion: Newsmakers’ Editorial HQ Resides in 1st District — Three Reasons Why We’re Voting for Roy Lee
By Jerry Roberts   |   March 4, 2024

Jerry Roberts hosts the weekly Newsmakers with JR show. Newsmakers’ editorial operation is based in Santa Barbara County’s First District, so our interest in the campaign for its seat on the Board of Supervisors’ is both professional and personal. A longtime independent, No Party Preference registered voter, this columnist has reported, written and commented on […]