Rockin’ Ranchera

By Richard Mineards   |   July 2, 2024
Paula Bottiani, Brian and Kris Kittle, with Shirley and Don Blankenship (photo by Priscilla)
2024’s Spirit of Fiesta Georgey Taupin with El Presidente Brian Schwabecher, and Junior Spirit Aleenah Soriano (photo by Priscilla)

As Fiesta prepares to celebrate its century, Fiesta Ranchera was marking its 16th anniversary with more than 500 glamorously garbed guests gathering at the 152-year-old Rancho La Patera Gardens in Goleta raising more than $25,000 – split equally between Old Spanish Days and the Goleta Valley Historical Society.

New El Presidente Brian Schwabecher, blazingly attired in red, exclaimed: “It’s going to be quite a year, with the pandemic very much in the rear-view

More than 25 food and drink vendors were on the rustic site with Georgey Taupin, 16, daughter of Sir Elton John’s lyricist Bernie Taupin, as Spirit of Fiesta, and Aleenah Soriano, 10, as Junior Spirit, showing off their talents, along with guitarist Tony Ybarra and Area 51 providing entertainment.

Among the supporters turning out were Fritz Olenberger and his wife Gretchen, Stephanie Petlow, Drew Wakefield, David Bolton, Denise Sanford, and Gonzalo Sarmiento.

Colin Hayward, Mayor Randy Rowse, Michele Fitch, and Councilmember James Kyriaco (photo by Priscilla)

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