Book ‘em 

By Steven Libowitz   |   October 17, 2023

Palliative care physician Michael Kearney, who is also a student of Native American traditions and Mahayana Buddhism, wove together his professions in three nonfiction books that merge mythology, psychology, spirituality, and poetry. The Santa Barbara resident’s just-published book, Becoming Forest – A Story of Deep Belonging, isa fable of a young Irish woman who finds an antidote for her climate despair in the wisdom of trees. Kearney will talk about the book and his role as the founder and director of the Becoming Forest Project at Chaucer’s Books on October 12… Author and investigative journalist Jeff Goodell probes archaeology, science, history, current events, and more to paint a vivid picture of what’s at stake as we battle extreme heat across the globe, presenting a new understanding of the impact that rising temperatures will have on our lives. Despite the dangers, Goodell expresses eternal optimism, which he’ll share in a talk at UCSB Campbell Hall on October 17. 


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