Letters Need Word Limits

By Montecito Journal   |   April 4, 2023

I think it’s time to cede Bryan Rosen space as a columnist; there is no other way to describe his way-too-regular contributions on a single topic. Certainly, no one can doubt his passion for the Hot Springs Trail and its attendant issues, but his letters exceed the accepted word limit by hundreds; often they cannot be contained on a single page. Plus, letters from him are printed far too often. 

Most newspapers maintain a 200-word limit for Letters to the Editor (New York Times is 150) – a BRIEF three to four paragraphs – and they limit how often letters from one person may be published – once every two months, especially if on the same topic. The previous publisher of the MJ never cared much about word limits or frequency in the Letters section, (nor did he refrain from printing letters that contained profanity and were signed “Anonymous.”) I had hoped that with change in leadership at the MJ readers would have seen a stop to these non-conforming journalism practices.

Diane Graham, Montecito

Picking A President in 2024 

In reference to the article by Bob Hazard, “Picking the President in 2024,” I agree with Mr. Hazard that the presidential election in 2024 will be “a polarizing prizefight.” Whether it is between Donald Trump and Joe Biden or Ron DeSantis or Gavin Newsom.

I disagree with Mr. Hazard that it will be a more intelligent race between Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom. The race for our next president isn’t about intelligence, it is about who can best run and govern America. When Trump was president he did a great job, in spite of the fact that Democrats, the corrupt media, and RINOs did everything they could to destroy him.

Sadly today, Joe Biden has failed to be a strong, pro-American president. All you have to do is look at our out-of-control southern border, remember the bungled Afghan withdrawal, and observe how the leaders of Russia, China, and Iran are taking advantage of his weakness. On top of that, our economy is in shambles, with the highest inflation in 40 years because of reckless spending.

The question going forward; do we want a president who is strong, pro-American and can once again be respected by the rest of the world?

In my book, either Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis would fit the bill. Neither Biden or Gavin Newsom would. Biden has weakened America and Newsom has destroyed the once golden state of California. 

In 2024, we need new leaders who love America.  

Diana Thorn


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