Bon Anniversaire Mineards

By Richard Mineards   |   August 2, 2022
Happy Birthday to the ubiquitous Richard Mineards (photo by Priscilla)

It wasn’t quite the exotic Moroccan city of Marrakech where I had been scheduled to celebrate the 19th anniversary of my half century, but our rarefied enclave’s newest eatery Local on Coast Village Road served as a suitable replacement locale to celebrate.

I joined good friends, animal activist Gretchen Lieff and her fiancée Miles Hartfeld, and my trusty shutterbug Priscilla at the bustling hotspot, as friends, including Wayne and Sharol Siemens, and Sharon Bradford stopped by.

And when our waiter brought out a slice of chocolate birthday cake adorned with a single candle, Local’s patrons all joined in a hearty rendition of Happy Birthday!

A fun evening…


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