K-Rails Cleanup

By Montecito Journal   |   April 19, 2022

These K-Rails on the 101 are extreme causes of fear. Who pays for the cleanup after accidents, including the semi on fire in Summerland backing up traffic for hours? Does the City have recourse for cleaning up after the fire and accidents? This superhighway they are building will have big effects on the community. I sent this letter in December of 2021 to the CHP 11-99 Foundation:

Steve, I would be remiss if I did not tell you something that you can act on. I have been driving back and forth to Santa Barbara to my house there. Caltrans, or whoever is building these freeways, has put along the 101 these concrete wedges that are physically on the line of the freeway. I have seen where cars have flipped up-close – this happened near the San Ysidro off-ramp as you drive along the freeway from the Valley to Santa Barbara – tire marks and chunks of concrete chipped off the divider, and the look of the tire marks up the barrier walls. You would assume the car either was bounced back into traffic or flipped over this encroachment into lanes that you as the Highway Patrol have to clean up after events happen. Caltrans owes you.

Just a thought,


Prop 19 Repeal

Many voters thought Prop 19 was only about fire victims and seniors moving. However, part of it is forcing sales due to HUGE property tax hikes. People are losing their family homes, businesses, and farms. It was a sneaky proposition that narrowly passed in the height of the pandemic in late 2020. Many families have worked together so hard for many years to pay for, and maintain, their property – their primary investments that parents had hoped to pass on to their children. There’s an initiative to repeal the part of Prop 19 that increases property taxes. To get it on the November 2022 ballot, one million signatures are needed by April 15th.

Jane van Tamelen

Parklets Perception

Parklets are a scourge, and the worst result is on State Street. They make the streets look like marketplaces in Mumbai! State Street is ugly, unsafe, and filthy, and Coast Village might be headed in the same direction. Some of the people who want to remain anonymous in the ad you ran for them are lousy merchants, but they are all not PR wise. Perception is reality. Why are they hiding their identities? With 92% of the merchants being adversely affected by the parklets, why hide their names? They should publish this ad with row after row of names and business names under it. Why are they cowering?

When in the course of human events…
Four score and seven years ago…
We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds…
Today, December 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy…

All of these were signed: Anonymous

Warmest best,


Make Your Vote Count

Big government is always, bad government. Some of us have had enough! Vote for change May 8 to June 7; identify informed, prepared future candidates; work to end political monopolies. The French Revolution was brought on by a government that directly caused an inflationary economy and bankruptcy that destroyed wealth, from the top brass to lowly merchants.

It looks like our government is trying to destroy America. California’s trifecta damaged our economy with COVID lockdowns, fiat currency, and energy shutdowns, while inflating our currency, adding fees, and taxing us. Concurrently, it sent checks to its absent employees, teachers, pensioners, and lucky others. Their endless, invasive, and unnecessary mandates continue to limit us from earning or even living. Santa Barbara County’s single party monopolistic government drives essential residents from the county with endless fees and taxes: I’m next to exit Montecito after 42 years.

Our officials are unconcerned with maintaining functional neighborhoods, businesses, schools, and resident participation beyond parades and donating. The international wealthy are moving in to safely park their assets willing to pay $50,000 – $150,000 a year property taxes, only to support government pensioners and GROW government. Absentee owned unoccupied homes seem plentiful, while locals struggle to survive.

Why should our local government care a wit about us, local businesses, workers, or students? There’s no need. Property taxes will keep protected-class administrators compensated at over $300,000 annually with lifelong pensions in their no risk jobs. With no opposition in single-party, monopolistic controlled Santa Barbara County, all is well for the half supported by taxpayers.

Today’s government exists strictly for the benefit of itself. It’s beyond time for change. For starters vote, and work to end California’s political monopoly.

Denice Spangler Adams  


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