By Montecito Journal   |   March 29, 2022

As a longtime reader of the Montecito Journal, I am disappointed in your magazine under new ownership. I always looked forward to reading the Letters to the Editor. Not anymore. It appears you only publish letters about Montecito or ones that reflect the views of the left. Do you not understand that some of us have different or more expansive views? And when you occasionally publish a letter with different views, it is often from the same writer.

Today, we are living through very dangerous times, especially pertaining to worldwide threats. And it is vital that Americans understand what is going on. As Americans, we need the hard truth, not some slanted local focused agenda. Please consider making some changes, otherwise you will lose some loyal readers.

Diana Thorn


ENOUGH!!! The U.S. and NATO have to stop Putin and protect Ukrainian citizens. Now. Deploying and using U.S./NATO warplanes and armaments simultaneously from NATO countries is the only way to prevent the wholesale slaughter of heroic, freedom-loving Ukrainians, and a larger humanitarian disaster. Putin is a megalomaniac. He wants to recreate the Soviet empire. But, he is not suicidal. He will not start WWIII when he can wait out the West, regroup, and rearm over the next five, 10, 15 years – while planning his next invasions of Moldova and the Baltic states (even assuming he stops temporarily with Ukraine). For the sake of all humanity and democracy, the U.S. and NATO must strike Putin’s forces and force him to back down and withdraw. Before it is too late and there is nothing left to save.

Mike Hackett 
Santa Barbara

A Bear’s Intent

Carlos, The Bear, reading the MJ. Smart Bear…

In this picture, Carlos, The Bear, intently reads the Montecito Journal in his new den to keep up with the latest Village happenings during a COVID Stay Cay. He regularly picks his copy up at Pierre Lafond and wants to know when The Bistro will be returning to its former glory as a convenient, friendly, and comfortable restaurant and bar. He knows that many Cito Locals convened there regularly for food, libation, and discussion, and he misses the sounds of spirited conversation that used to emanate from the walls of this living room away from home. What is going on?

Michael Edwards

Hot Springs, Help!

Please do what you can to stop the Montecito Creek Water Company from taking natural hot springs water for private use. It’s destroying beautiful natural hot springs and removing the opportunity for the public to enjoy nature’s beauty. Please help.


Samuel W. Cisneros  


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