Brutoco for President!

By Montecito Journal   |   February 1, 2022

His essay last week on the oppressive travesty of the California Utilities’ profit-grab to punish small-scale solar adopters is incisive, intensely angry, and wholly alarming. 

Not to mention using a great metaphor in “Jabberwocky!” 

(English majors always appreciate an apt literary reference to make a mockery of something so absurd as this “plan.”)

So, thank you for your highly infectious outrage, Mr. Brutoco.

We need it now, we need the Governor to “catch” it, and it needs to become the next “pandemic.”

Please, do send your article to Newsom, from all of us.

I’ll sign the petition. Let’s create one.

LeeAnn Morgan

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

On Friday January 21, 2022 my friend and I took a hike up Hot Springs Trail. On the way to the trail, we witnessed two gardeners’ trucks jutting way out into East Mountain Drive, next to the first driveway off the southeast corner of East Mountain Drive and Hot Springs Road. Printed on the side was “Superior Landscaping.” When we came back about an hour and a half later, one of the trucks was still sticking out. On Tuesday, January 25, a truck belonging to Superior Landscaping was sticking out there again, and this time a gardener was nearby. He told me he parks there for four hours. He explained to me that the owner didn’t like the vehicle to be in the driveway. I suggested moving the rocks placed right next to the road. He replied the owner didn’t want him to do that. 

The rocks are clearly in the public right of way, and make it impossible for hikers to park off Mountain Drive. When a hiker’s vehicle sticks out, local residents have been calling the sheriff’s office, and the vehicle is subsequently ticketed. But nothing happens to the gardeners’ cars.

I asked the gardener what the address was since none was displayed. He explained it was a huge estate and that the main entrance was around the corner on Hot Springs Road. A sign said, “Deliveries and Service, Top of the Block, Right Turn First Gate.” I had met the gardener at the service entrance.

The line of rocks placed next to East Mountain Drive begins right at the junction. Their presence makes it impossible for hikers to park while preserving parking for gardeners and other workers of the estate.

Bryan Rosen  


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