It’s a Matter of Questionable Tactics

By Montecito Journal   |   November 23, 2021

We may look at circumstances in our society and wonder how our leaders could be so inept as to let those happen. Immigration chaos, the 2008 financial crisis and widening entitlements to name a few. Perusing the Democrat Party tactics initiated in the 1960s by Columbia University professors Richard Cloward and Frances Piven can clear it up. These tactics are hidden as well as those of Saul Alinsky’s rules that have been practiced by the likes of the controversial Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Recently in the Virginia governor’s race, Democratic Party operatives admitted to posing as white supremacists supporting the Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin. Bad form, yet the means to their end does not matter to these types. Husband of Democrat congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and Democrat operative Bob Creamer, who visited the Obama White House multiple times, planted people to create violence at DJT rallies in 2016 and resigned from the HRC campaign when exposed. Alinksy is alive and well in our republic.

The Cloward and Piven strategy began with orchestrating a crisis in the welfare system to push it to failure and rebuild it with their socialist agenda of guaranteed income. They used militant groups to make demands for “entitled” monies. NYC went from about 150,000 to 1.5 million on the welfare rolls between 1960 and 1970 and was bankrupt by 1975. Their next target was, and is, the electoral system. Activists flood voter rolls making it difficult to verify names. They also knew that the response to validate the rolls could be condemned as voter suppression. Universal mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting all add to the mess and were taken advantage illegally during the COVID “crisis.” Barack Obama cut his teeth working for the fraudulent community organization ACORN adept at the strategy to flood the voter rolls. If these tactics worked on entitlements and the electoral system, why not others?

The mortgage industry was a Cloward Piven target. Democrats in government overloaded the mortgage industry under the pretense of helping low-income nonwhites gain home ownership. The government was weaponized to force banks to loan to unqualified applicants under risk of strict regulations and hefty fines. The government sponsored entity Fannie Mae also lowered lending standards. Democrat party ACORN activists even occupied the House Banking Committee room to protest Republican attempts to scale back the malfeasance. Add a lack of regulation by government of mortgage-backed securities with their Wall Street cronies and the system crashed. Mission accomplished.

Is the contentious Joe Biden asleep while each month 200,000 aliens walk up to border agents and are then dispersed throughout the country? Even he isn’t that drowsy. It is deliberate. Recall before Democrats were calling to defund the police, they wanted to abolish immigration and customs enforcement. If a vast majority of these aliens historically vote Democrat, why wouldn’t these intellectuals who know better than you want more of them? Throw in giving them free services and health care and the better to break an institution in order to be built back better. They know the courts are overextended and can’t properly function. Along with sex trafficking and drugs brought over with an open border the anti-American and dangerous Democrat policy of sanctuary cities for illegal alien criminals is a detriment but it is what they want. We can all YouTube every Democrat promoting a border wall until it became politically expedient for them to be against one. Remember, they do not care about the means to their end.

Those left of center Democrats who think they are voting for Jack Kennedy ought to research these characters running their party and operating behind the scenes. These elites do not want our institutions functioning in order to fulfill Barack Obama’s cry to fundamentally transform these United States and Joe Biden’s build back better. The never-let-a-crisis-go-to-waste Democrats have no problem creating a crisis as a means to their ends. These people would have us believe the greatest force of freedom in history needs to be broken and built back better. Watch Gov. Gavin Newsom speak of creating a more progressive agenda due to COVID and Jane Fonda calling it God’s gift to the left. With their hands on the federal branch and the Alinsky/Cloward/Piven Democrats in charge, they just might succeed. Research Cloward and Piven strategy to see for yourself.

Mike Hornbuckle

Thank You — and a Congrats

Thank you to all supporters who joined my campaign for improved city leadership. Each of you has been an important contributor to helping me bring vital issues to city voters’ awareness. I congratulate mayor-elect Randy Rowse and look forward to collaborating with him on making our city a better place for all!

Deborah L. Schwartz
Candidate for Santa Barbara City Mayor


I find it astonishing that Nicole Kidman is playing Lucy in the upcoming movie, Being the Ricardos.

I just imagined Debra Messing in that role.

Debra has the comedy chops, as well as the look. But low and behold, Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman is playing Lucy. Yes, she is an acting treasure and is as close to as chameleon as any actress. On the other hand, Debra Messing is a natural at this type of comedy. To me the two best female comedian red heads are Lucy and Carol Burnett. Make that the two best female comedians ever! Debra is a distant third in the hair department. Here’s where it gets interesting. Nicole Kidman was born a red head. To boot she was born in the U.S. Hawaii to be clear. I am looking forward so much to see how a legend like Lucy will be portrayed. I’m also hoping that Aaron Sorkin did not make the mistake of his lifetime. While we are at it, don’t even get me started about Javier Bardem playing Ricky.

Steve Marko


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