Keep Up the Good Work

By Montecito Journal   |   September 7, 2021

Congratulations and a big thank you to all of those (whose many names are too numerous to list here) who worked so hard to get the Hot Springs Neighborhood Trail completed.

We have lots of wonderful hiking trails in our local hills and mountains, but safe paths through our community are sorely lacking.  Let’s hope that the awesome folks that made this first Neighborhood Trail can continue on with this project that will make our community safer and more pleasant for our children and for everyone else that wants to move about our little slice of paradise without having to get in a car.  

Thanks again to all of you.

Stephen Dougherty

The Hot Springs Neighborhood Trail had a ribbon-cutting last week

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Fabulous article by Hattie Beresford! Please forward my congrats and appreciation on to her.

Last Saturday, I returned to Santa Barbara for one day, for a family memorial service. And I just happened to pick up a copy of the Montecito Journal. WHAT A THRILL AND A BLESSING!

My grandmother, Emma Riniker Rose, had been Peggy’s bookkeeper. Peggy cared for Emma when she became ill, and moved her in to the Abigail Guest House, where she died in 1936. Later that year, my father married, and Henry Ravenscroft was his best man. I grew up in Mission Canyon, and was fed on “fairytales” about Peggy, Jack the horse, the terriers, etc. Hattie’s article brought back these rich memories, confirmed how real they really were, and provided new insights.

Our own home (that I still have) was influenced by Ravenscroft, though minuscule in comparison. It is built of concrete block, with dark beamed ceilings. The centerpiece has always been the fireplace.

I distinctly remember my aunt riding her horse into our living room: “If Peggy did it, so can you,” encouraged my dad, with a laugh. I was about six years old at the time. An unforgettable memory!

My Mother’s first puppy was a terrier (which makes me wonder…). 

Finally, before my dad passed away in 1995, my 12-year-old son interviewed him. At age 84, he revealed that his favorite car was the Hupmobile. Astonishing! 

Hattie’s article has touched me deeply. Thank you.


Lost Luggage

I am the former Publisher of the Marin Independent Journal, a long-time newspaper ad guy. Now I own an ad agency. I believe in advertising, and I need your help.

This morning at 6 am my wife and I checked out of the Coast Village Inn. We turned left onto Coast Village Road from Middle Road. A luggage garment bag slipped off our car at that point. We heard something. We even stopped to check if something happened to the luggage in our little Jeep Renegade. We didn’t see any problem inside. It was still dark outside, and we really didn’t look. We didn’t make the connection that an idiot of a husband would have left this particular bag on the top of the car until we unpacked at home.

The bag contains two dresses and a blouse. The dresses are the ones my wife wore this weekend for our son’s rehearsal dinner and wedding. Did I mention he is our only child?

I have filed a report with the SBPD. The hotel is aware. I spoke to the Montecito Fire District, Chase Bank, Renaud’s, the UPS Store, the Tennis Shop of Montecito, Juice Jam, Richie’s Barber Shop and Ca’Dario’s. No one has seen our lost bag.

I am offering a $100 reward no questions asked. I am hoping someone will do the right thing even if these spectacular dresses fit.

(Editor’s note: The following is a proposed classified ad, but we think the community would want to help . . .)


Vicinity of Middle and Coast Village roads
Last seen August 30 at 6 am
Groom’s Mother’s Wedding Dress inside — help!!
Call 415-302-5409
$100 reward

Marty Rubino


In the article about Peter Clark’s passing, the date that his late wife, Dallas, passed away was incorrect, as she did so in July 2014. •MJ


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