Planet of the Apes

By Montecito Journal   |   August 24, 2021

RE: Ed St. George vs. Meagan Harmon (from the Montecito Journal on August 12, 2021) 

Frankly to me her personal workload seems a little nuts. Lawyer, councilperson, Coastal Commission czar, wife, mother, and now feminist icon. Fortunately for Ms. Harmon her current endeavors are highly subjective and success, failure, or even competence cannot be judged for years.

However, it seems St. George is being judged right now and the verdict is knuckle dragging ape. All because he expressed an opinion while being asked for his opinions

Oh, the horror!! Or as that other Saint George Orwell would have said, 

“Opinion is Newspeak for Heresy.” Or is it, “Heresy is Newspeak for Opinion?”

In either case, personal opinion is no longer allowed. 

Linda Marie Prince


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