Art Graduates Persevere in ‘Untold’ Exhibition

By Scott Craig   |   April 22, 2021
Ceci M Amboy and her stop-motion animation film She

During a year in which the world’s art galleries and museums have been closed, 13 graduating art majors overcame innumerable obstacles to offer their capstone art projects on April 8. The exhibit, which includes oil paintings, drawings, collages, digital illustrations, sculptural installations, prints, photographs, videos, and stop-motion animation will be on display through May 8 at the Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art. 

“Untold: Westmont Graduate Exhibition 2021” is available online at To make an appointment to see the exhibit in person, please find information at

“Despite the challenges of working under pandemic restrictions, this senior class has created an impressive collective body of work for their senior exhibition,” says Scott Anderson, professor of art and senior project advisor. “The works display a range of interests, from stewardship of the environment to personal narratives, and some comment directly on the moment we’re living in. These student visions have as yet been untold, and the art department faculty are proud and excited to celebrate them with this exhibition showcasing their efforts.”  

The student artists include Val Angulo, Corban Banez, Emily Bark, Rachel Elliott, Sophia Gutierrez, Sharon Ko, Elisabeth Lee, Madeline Lush, Ceci M. Amboy, Daniel Staples, Evelyn Thoen, Charlotte Westburg, and Caroline Wyckoff.

Ken Jewesson, a local artist and former head of two prestigious art schools, and his wife, Francie, sponsor the show.

Corban Daniel Emilio Yop Bañez’s glazed ceramics with nickels, Trickle on Me!

Fringe Festival Must Go On

The Westmont Fringe Festival, which allows every student to be involved in some level of the theater arts process, will be streamed April 22-25 on a custom-built Fringe website. Student’s creativity will be on full display with some pieces interacting with audiences on Zoom and Instagram. Before the pandemic, the festival had steadily grown to include more than 100 students, and performance locations spread to various locations on campus and throughout Santa Barbara. For more information, please visit


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