Homer Onstage x 2: High School’s Hi-jinks and High-art Theater

By Steven Libowitz   |   April 7, 2021

As if persevering through a pandemic isn’t sufficiently perplexing, Santa Barbara High’s theater arts department is undertaking the challenge of cramming years of classic sagas into a single evening performance. In The Iliad, The Odyssey, and All of Greek Mythology in 99 minutes or less, written by Jay Hopkins and John Hunter, the student actors (and production team) scurry through a plethora of ancient Greek lore, starting with the creation, zipping through the Trojan War, and handling the trials of Odysseus with speed that would make even the creator of Cliff Notes cringe. Each performer portrays a minimum of 10 characters with the weighty material presented at such lightning-bolt speed as they race against an on-stage clock that hilarity ensues. New SBHS theater director Justin Baldridge helms the hysterical show that will stream live from SBHS Theatre stage April 8-10 and 15-16. Visit www.sbhstheatre.org


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