Letters to the Editor

By Montecito Journal   |   December 31, 2020

The Real Hoax

Dear Mr. Hazard,

I think deplorable is an apt title for your article regarding Trump, and your willingness to accept his ignorance by denying the existence of COVID “The Hoax.” 

How many deaths and illnesses have occurred because of this denial?

How about his 20,000 lies certified by fact checkers over the years?

Trump’s policy endorsing the immigration department “ICE” ripping families apart and putting kids in cages, does this sound like America to you?

His direct aggression toward our government institutions whether it be the DOJ, the FBI, all intelligence agencies, all the major democratic institutions have been under attack by Trump.

Above all the total denial of the election results – to incite other politicians by demeaning elections when the courts in America, including the highest court in our country, has denied his allegations. Was this a real intent to overtake the election or was it another avenue of monetizing the presidency?


Chuck Kaye

Richard’s Journalism Jubilee

A big congratulations to Richard Mineards on his milestone of journalism. Montecito Miscellany has been a fast-paced and witty read since inception. For good reason, Montecito Miscellany has been a featured column for many years. Richard takes us many places with a brief history of the who and the what without the gossip or the politics. Our community is a lively work in progress on many levels and Montecito Miscellany has always been there, for all of us.

Robyn Geddes 


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