People of Montecito: Larry Nobles

By Megan Waldrep   |   September 10, 2020
Larry Nobles, maitre d’ and wine director of Lucky’s

What Montecito Night Will You Not Forget?

I would say, when Katy Perry was here (earlier this year). We had about 40 Japanese girls, all 12 years old. They come here every year to learn English and manners, and do four or five dinners with us. Well, it was a night when all the A-listers were here. Katy Perry was in the back, though none of the children saw her when she came in. After dinner, the kids usually sing a song in Japanese to the staff as a thank you. And as Katy Perry was leaving, a couple of kids recognized her and they were losing their minds. Some kids were crying. It was a scene. At that point, the kids were done with their meals and they serenaded Katy. It turned out to be one of the girls’ birthdays and Katy sang to her. It was just one of those magical Montecito nights.

Larry Nobles,
Maître D’ and Wine Director of Lucky’s Steakhouse


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