Letters to the Editor

By Montecito Journal   |   September 3, 2020

And the Award Goes To…

I give the award for rude news, anger, political bias against Republican men to Nancy Freeman.

No one approves of sexual misbehavior toward a woman. Let us balance the sheet. Ms. Freeman was quick to blame Republican men for sexual bad behavior. Seems to me that Bill Clinton, the Kennedy Brothers, 80% of the Male Movie Industry have used women for years in a horrible degrading way. We know one fact, most of Hollywood Entertainment Industry are Democrats.

So Ms. Freeman you come across as one Angry Bitter woman. I will give you a little advice. I am in my late ‘80s and I welcome each day I am alive. I got to this age by being cheerful, helping others, loving my family, friends and live. Yes, I am a Conservative Republican. I love America, I love God, and I will pray for you so you don’t let your anger eat you alive.

Lorraine Morey

Change is Needed Now, Vote Andy Caldwell In!

Our family has lived in the Tri Counties for over 70 years running a small business. Salud Carbajal is terrible for our cities and our counties, because he doesn’t care about businesses or their employees and their families. He has consistently voted for more restrictions on business and higher taxes which burdens small businesses and the people they employ.

Carbajal voted against police lives matter, and this is dangerous for our family members and friends. We must protect your family, friends, and jobs. Andy Caldwell is our government watchdog, he really cares about your family, your job, and our first line of defense, our police force.

Kevin O’Connor

Do as I Say, We the People

I am a retired bookkeeper, accountant, internal auditor, CPA – I do not get bedazzled by percentages and statistics. Rich people did get a great tax cut – just listen to Mayor Bloomberg. Warren Buffett mused why his income on investments is taxed at lower rate than his secretary’s labor income. Do we really believe in dignity of work, or is it all a lot of blah-blah? Coronavirus made it clear we, the people, need big government to coordinate response, treatment, and vaccine for the pandemic. Limited government just does not work for big problems.

Bob Handy

Dear Newcomers to Montecito,

Welcome to our lovely village. It is hoped that folks will adopt our more relaxed way here so that we might maintain our semirural culture. Just as when one might travel, or move, to a new place that is not one’s own, it is always a considerate gesture to take some time to get to know – and honor – the customs and ways of one’s new environment. I think this paper reported something close to a 10% shift in population since the beginning of the year? The following experiences, and more, have been witnessed and are examples that reflect a sense of that marked change – and, hopefully, will serve to “shine a light” and create awareness.

Generally, speeding and tailgating, usually more commonplace in larger cities, from where you may have moved, are not accepted here.

Small shops like Pierre Lafond can get crowded so baby strollers, used snowplow-like to part the masses, can be problematic in tight spaces. Perhaps you may wish to park the buggies outside. (But bring the darlings in, of course.)

Please bear in mind that East Valley Road is better suited to single-file-bicycling – as opposed to side-by-side-style riding. Although rural-like in some sections, it’s, unfortunately, a major thoroughfare, for locals as well as the out-of-town navigational app users, throughout the whole of Montecito. (See note about speeding above – it could prove very dangerous.)

Lastly, if you are a helicopter pilot, or a news publication hiring such, could you kindly consider that we who have lived here, through fires and debris flows (they’re not called floods here), are rather sensitive to helicopter noise? We prefer that our community be allowed to exist in peace – the way it’s always been. Historically, most locals couldn’t care less about celebrity culture here; therefore, while your tabloid readers may care about such things, please remember that when you hover over their (promised – and newly acquired) lands, you’re hovering over our lands, too.

Anne Wilder


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