Suzani Feature Event at Kathryne Designs

By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   August 6, 2020
Kathryne Designs has a special Suzani textile event happening now

Kathryne Designs on Coast Village Road currently has a limited time offering of Suzani tapestries and textiles, featuring a collection from Uzbekistan.

Suzanis are one-of-a-kind hand embroideries using silk threads on cotton, silk, or linen foundations. The designs are inspired by ancient Ottoman, East Indian and some classic Chinese motifs. They reflect the beauty in nature with vines, flowers, trees, animals, and orbs representing the sun and moon. The motifs symbolize joy, long life, prosperity, fruitfulness, and hospitality, and the tapestries can be used for upholstery, framed to create an amazing work of art, draped over sofas, table cloths or bed toppers. 

Kathryne Designs is located at 1225 Coast Village Road; visit for more information.


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