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By Leslie Westbrook   |   July 9, 2020

Longtime fixture Summerland Oriental Rugs has moved their showroom across the street to the former home of Clive Markey’s Pine Trader. Longtime treasure-filled Summerland Antiques Collective re-opened a few weeks ago and has been buzzing with activity adding to the retail mix… Carpinteria’sPorchis moving from Santa Claus Lane to Lillie Avenue (into the space formerly known as Just Folk and briefly as Letter Perfect). Porch solo proprietor Diana Dolan calls the move “bittersweet” as she will lose some outdoor space, but due to upcoming 101 improvements and a big construction project on the Lane, felt it was a good time to make the “unplanned” move. Dolan was looking for pop up space and ended up leasing the building, which has been painted inside and out with Summerland’s “historical white”… Sacred Space is open with social distancing (no more tea served, but the garden is open) Thursday-Sunday and since moving to Summerland three years ago, Jack and Rose Herschorn are loving living in the wee seaside town.

Seems like any “for lease” sign in Summerland is hot these days… and retail is thriving. Summerland’s historical meaning as “a place of limbo between death and afterlife” takes on new meaning in the days of COVID.

Last word.

Be safe. Wear a mask. Don’t share air.


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