People of Montecito: Elisabeth Fowler

By Megan Waldrep   |   June 18, 2020

What Brought You to Montecito?

Elisabeth Fowler

My husband grew up in Carpinteria and always loved the area. We looked here in Montecito, then Hope Ranch and downtown before deciding that Montecito had all the things we were looking for. Such as, hills for hiking, beaches for surfing, ease of walking and riding bikes for our children and family, a friendly and welcoming neighborhood setting, great local schools and parks within walking distance, a darling library, restaurants and delicious ice cream (first only Scoop, then Rori’s). What more could one want?!

How has the coronavirus impacted you?

Certainly, COVID-19 has impacted our community in a big way. As a family, we are lucky that we could come together and be at home in beautiful Montecito. We have been sharing the load of cooking and cleaning as well as getting some overdue projects done. Best of all, we have been able to sing, laugh, play games, and take walks, and we know how lucky we are! We, too, hold our community close and have reached out in support of all those on the front line. We are full of gratitude for the depth of commitment shown in our community to do the right thing during these strained times.

– Elisabeth Fowler


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