Meetups in Cyberspace

By Steven Libowitz   |   May 7, 2020

Elissa Amina’s Sufi Yoga classes are continuing through May as an opportunity to explore breathwork, yoga, and meditation while invoking the divine qualities to open the heart to expansive states, and bring healing on a cellular level. Amina teaches a combination of yogas including Kundalini, Yin, Naam and Hatha, plus Pure Heart, Pure Body, and Pure Bliss. The concept is to employ the approach of Sufi mystics ecstatically in love with God while also addressing the body’s need for flexibility and strength. The free classes take place 6-7 pm every Monday. Visit

The Inner Engineering Meetup group expanded its offering of free meditation classes, yoga programs, and more this week to include two opportunities to learn Isha Kriya in an introductory Meditation for Beginners workshop. The one-hour guided meditation sessions offer a simple but powerful kriya practice that aligns mind, body and inner-energies to elevate conscious awareness and easily and naturally achieve a state of deep meditation. All are invited to easily learn the 12-to-18-minute Isha Kriya process in the Meetups or via other online formats that include streaming guided meditation video, the Isha Kriya meditation app (for iPhone and Android devices), and weekly webinars hosted by trained teachers who can answer questions about the practice. Intro sessions take place 9-10 am every Thursday and 1-2 pm Saturdays. The group also hosts a Yoga for Respiratory Health livestream at 9 am on Sunday, May 10, featuring a simple Yogic process to boost immunity, enhance lung capacity, and strengthen the respiratory system, particularly timely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit


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