Pollock’s Pandemic Response

By Steven Libowitz   |   April 16, 2020

The theater that serves as the gem in the Carsey-Wolf Center at UCSB is currently closed due to COVID, of course, but you can still watch videos of the venue’s post-screening conversations with scholars, filmmakers and TV writer-producers from previous presentations. Each week, the Pollock highlights one of its event series, providing links to stream the actual film as well as a link to the Pollock produced interview. Included so far are a couple programs with Montecito resident interviewees: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit with a career-spanning conversation between executive producer-writer Dick Wolf and Carsey-Wolf Center director Patrice Petro, and Meet John Doe, the Frank Capra treatise about the relationship between corporate moguls and the media, featuring a post-screening discussion with author Victoria Riskin, the Montecito resident who is the film’s screenwriter Robert Riskin’s daughter. Also available are The Wizard of Oz, with a post-screening discussion with Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece (English and Film Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) and Hitchcock’s 57-year-old The Birds boasting a post-screening discussion with the starring actress Tippi Hedren. Visit https://www.carseywolf.ucsb.edu/pollock.


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