Pacifica Moves Platforms During Pandemic

By Steven Libowitz   |   April 9, 2020

Pacifica Graduate Institute has amped up its availability of offering immersion in depth psychology to prospective students over the last several years, marketing its programs, information sessions, and campus visits all around town and beyond. Now as the coronavirus turns its Carpinteria campuses into deserted spaces, Pacifica has created a series of virtual events designed to provide a rigorous intellectual experience that connects with the soul to transform how you see the world. The intent is to demonstrate how its degree programs offer a soul-centered “intelligence” integral to what is being asked of all of us in this increasingly complex world.

The schedule starts this Saturday, April 11, at 3 pm, with Oksana Yakushko, Ph.D., the Professor and Chair of the M.A./Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with Emphasis in Depth Psychology exploring how the program might serve in becoming a depth psychologist who aspires to become an astute relational clinician, a critical human science scholar and an engaged citizen-activist. Wednesday, April 15, at 3 pm brings “The Archetypal Artist and Creativity in the 21st Century: A Guide to Pacifica’s M.A. Engaged Humanities,” in which a conversation between Mary A. Wood, Ph.D., and Susan Rowland, Ph.D., Co-Chairs and Professors in the program, explore what it means to be creative in a time that calls for resilience, enormous adaptability, the capacity to innovate and to reinvent the self as well as vocation. This conversation introduces this unique opportunity and outlines its special relevance to times of crisis as well as a way of rebirth and renewal of learning as well as the soul.

The periodic and popular Pacifica Experience goes virtual next, with a live online introduction to Pacifica’s various degree programs designed to give prospective graduate students a comprehensive introduction and orientation to the distinctive educational features of the school. Despite the virtual visit, prospective students will still be able to hear from Pacifica alumni about their experience and what they are doing with their degrees, learn more about admissions procedures and financial aid, attend breakout sessions in specific programs of study and engage in ongoing dialogue and community exchange throughout the day with faculty. Call (805) 879-7305 or visit


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