A (Virtual) Kiss from a Roses

By Steven Libowitz   |   March 26, 2020

Santa Barbara healer-dancer-actress Teagan Rose’s mission is to support people in connecting more deeply to their sense of home in their body, to their truth, and to their primal creativity. Her Embodiment and Voice Activation sessions and workshops specialize in emotional liberation and integration, self-love and self-understanding, energetic balancing and clearing, embodied trauma release, and cultivation of creative life force energy.

Of course, like everyone else in this era, Teagan has had to migrate online to continue her offerings. During this time of collective uncertainty, she is catering the Embodiment for Health virtual workshop, hosted by PratyAgati Embodiment, towards grounding the body, calming the mind, and integrating the spirit. Teagan will guide Zoom participants in voice activation techniques for grounding, energetic clearing, and emotional integration, and offer embodied movement techniques for presence and self-love and as a form of medicine. The intention is for everyone to gain a better understanding of the emotional and energetic qualities of these modalities and to leave with connection to community and self, and having enjoyed a powerful shared experience to carry into the rest of the day.

The event, slated for 10:30 am on Saturday, March 28, has a suggested donation of $12, but all are welcome regardless of available funds. Register at www.teagan-rose.com/contact to receive the Zoom link.


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