Back on the Path

By Steven Libowitz   |   March 12, 2020

Santa Barbara Bodhi Path Center resident teacher Dawa Tarchin Phillips will be leading a two-part class over successive Thursdays this month, as “Awakening Bodhicitta – How to Open Your Heart and Develop Love and Compassion” takes place 7-9 pm on March 12 and 19. The course addresses how we may be familiar with the benefits of giving and receiving love, but often restrict our love and compassion to just a few people who are close to our hearts. The teachings are aimed to help us familiarize ourselves with the practice and benefits of extending unconditional love and compassion to all sentient beings as impartially as the rays of the shining sun. Each evening includes lecture, meditation and mingling. Admission by donation.

“Buddha Nature: Uncovering the Sacred Within,” the third weekend curriculum in Phillips’ new two-year course of study, takes place March 21-22, and dives into the topic of Our True, or Awakened Nature, of Buddha, a timeless subject of scientific exploration, philosophical examination and spiritual contemplation. Participants will explore and discover how awakened nature works, and why following a path to awakening with sincerity and commitment is the most effective way of reducing suffering and access potential for happiness and freedom. Call (805) 284-2704 or visit


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