More Montecito Meetups

By Steven Libowitz   |   February 27, 2020

Santa Barbara Buddhist Meditation, which holds regular meditation and other gatherings at the American Buddhist Temple in Goleta as well as various Montecito locations and elsewhere, has a special offering for this Saturday night. Its Once-in-a-Leap-Year Forest Retreat is a three-hour excursion at La Cumbre Peak designed to briefly isolate participants from the “busyness,” noise and clutter of our daily lives. Other than brief opening and closing remarks, including general orientation of the area, the retreat will consist of silent individual sitting and walking meditation practice in the forest and around the crags on and near the summit of the mountain. While group practice is not necessarily discouraged, this forest retreat is envisioned as an ideal time to go off and be alone in silence with only the trees and the wind. Meet on East Camino Cielo at the gate just below the very top of the mountain for the event, which begins at 9 pm on Leap Year night, Saturday, February 29.

Santa Barbara Buddhist Meditation also returns to Vedanta Temple (927 Ladera Lane) for its monthly Half Moon Morning Retreat at 8 am on Monday, March 2. Visit


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