By Steven Libowitz   |   February 27, 2020

Sherman, who has facilitated twenty-three yoga-meditation retreats in Montecito before La Casa de Maria fell victim to the 2018 mudslide, will also lead a “MAPs I for Daily Living,” her first offering of the introductory course from acclaimed, scientifically-based UCLA program here in town since last summer. The MAPs I course provides insight into the basics of mindfulness, how to develop a mindfulness meditation practice, and how mindfulness can be applied in daily life. It is also appropriate for experienced practitioners who wish to revitalize their practice. The six-week class series – taking place Thursday evenings in downtown Santa Barbara March 5 to April 9 – is open to everyone interested in reducing stress and becoming more present by cultivating a personal meditation practice. Each class is a combination of lecture, practice, group feedback, and discussion. Admission is $200. Email Sherman at, call (805) 569-5659, or visit


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