BlissSing is a Rebirthing

By Steven Libowitz   |   February 27, 2020

Santa Barbara singer-songwriter Noell Grace’s evenings of original chants and simple songs have returned to her hearth and home for monthly gatherings. The events were originally private satsangs that morphed into Spirit Sings held at her home before expanding into fully public events at Yoga Soup a few years back. The gatherings came to a close when Grace moved to Arkansas in 2018 for what turned into only a brief relocation.

Back in town for good, Grace has reconfigured the events again as BlissSing, calling in the boundless joy, love and life of our Holy Spirit together in call-and-response singing of Grace’s ever-increasing catalog of songs and chants, designed to invoke our Divine Life through ecstatic song. The chants are mostly in English, with a dash of Sanskrit, Aramaic and other languages, and there’s room to dance when the spirit moves. Fellow like-minded travelers are welcome to “bless and bliss yourself and your world” with the love songs to, and as, Divine Presence, all beings and beloved Mother Earth in “a safe, freeing space to express the holy fire of our wild hearts ‘til bliss is vibrating our bones.”

BlissSing takes place every fourth Thursday of the month – the second event is on February 27 – at Arden House, Grace’s home on Arden Road just off De La Vina Street. Admission by donation. Email or call (805) 403-1063 for details.


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