Pop Tarts

By Steven Libowitz   |   February 13, 2020

Elsewhere in pop music, drummer Sammy Miller’s mission to bring jazz to the people via the young members of his seven-piece Congregation, finds the “evangelists of swing” making a proselytizing visit to Santa Barbara, where the Grammy Award-nominated, Juilliard-trained Miller and Co. will draw on a century of American songs to share the power of community through their globally conscious music at UCSB Campbell Hall on Thursday, February 13… That’s the same evening that Shawn Thies, Santa Barbara’s own priestess of passionate connection via music, shares a Valentine’s Eve performance of jazz with both world and Americana twists aided by friends/collaborators Randy Tico, George Friedenthal, Tom Lackner, John Goux, and Tom Buckner at SOhO.


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