Horsing Around for Connection

By Steven Libowitz   |   February 13, 2020

The new Connect with Horses, Connect with Yourself Meetup finally has its first gathering this weekend: an introductory Self-Care & Self-Love Workshop in Santa Ynez that is open to anyone interested in deepening their self-love and creating sustainable practices for self-care via observing and interacting with gentled mustangs. Certified Equus and Experiential Life Coach Rebekah Powell will assist participants in guided herd observation of the now gentle mustangs that were once completely wild to learn about horse herd dynamics and how horses care for themselves, which can teach us humans about our own self-care. Then she will lead experiential meditations on self-care and self-love and receive tangible practices to take home. Finally, individuals will have the opportunity for hands-on time grooming the mustangs, again guided by Powell to find metaphors and parallels to deepen your relationship with yourself. The cost to Meetup members is $110. The event takes place at Wild to Willing Horsemanship, 1566 Edison Street in Santa Ynez. Visit www.meetup.com/HorseConnection.


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