The Practice of Inquiring Deeply

By Steven Libowitz   |   February 6, 2020

Marjorie Schuman, Ph.D., a local clinical psychologist, meditation teacher and author, settles into The Sacred Space for an experiential workshop providing an introduction to the method of “Inquiring Deeply.” The meditative practice of asking questions has been used for thousands of years to develop intuition, inspire awakening and connect us more deeply to the sources of wisdom within. While Inquiry is often taught as an eyes closed contemplative exercise, it is also very engaging as a speaking and listening practice done with partners. Schuman has had four decades of experience practicing Buddhist insight meditation in the Theravadan tradition and is the author of Mindfulness-Informed Relational Psychotherapy: Inquiring Deeply. Her workshop, slated for 1-4 pm on Sunday, February 9, at The Sacred Space in Summerland, will offer guided meditation in dialogue and explore what happens when we learn to rest in the questions themselves. Schuman’s professional work focuses on the interface between Buddhist mindfulness practice and relational psychotherapy. The workshop is limited to 14, and costs $63. Call (805) 565-5535 or visit


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